Some of the steampunk’d Portal designs I cleaned up for my panel at Steamcon yesterday!

I have lots of thoughts on how to effectively reinterpret a character through another cultural lens- steampunk, post-apocalyptic, superhero, what have you- but a lot of it revolves around maintaining a costume’s character, functionality, and aesthetic.  I’m sure I can ramble on about that at some point when I’m not recovering from con crud. :)

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"If some old fogey peering through his smudged bifocals can’t discern the cool and important stuff going on, such as the tsunami of anarchic multiculturalists using the steampunk scalpel to dissect the past and reassemble it like a two-dollar watch, that’s his loss; the readers are picking up on it."

K.W. Jeter, on old school sci-fi meeting the steampunk scene, in Everyone’s Invited to the Steampunk Party

(Glad to see the man who coined steampunk giving a shout-out to what the genre is becoming.)

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I got asked to perform at this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair in Piscataway, New Jersey and filmed my adventure for “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.” TRIGGER WARNING: WHITE PEOPLE IN WACKY COSTUMES.

P.S. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use all the amazing footage we shot that day. However, I do want to give a special shout-out to Diana Pho at for the amazing work she does complicating Steampunk.

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Props!  - “The Taste of Heaven”

Read their interview about this video here.

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Ziwon Wang (2008-10)

“…Borrowing from a Korean national treasure, the bronze Maitreya Buddha figure (Buddha of the Future) from the 6th century Shilla Dynasty.” 

this is what POC steampunk should look like, none of that “add a corset to it” stuff; sure, this has got “glue a gear to it” but the significance of the image and the way it has been put together is especially interesting compared to most other “glue a gear on it” things

Should it be called Steampunk though, or Cyber Punk? What I mean to ask is the android figure as a Buddha figure feels more cyber punk to me than it does Steam (which generally feels rooted in the 19th century/ the Industrial Revolution), but the source of this image is the 6th century. 

Do the gears strike up more significance than the minimalistic android styling? If it looked like porcelain I could see it having a more 19th century flare. I guess what I’m really asking is — is part of the problem of Steam Punk its confines in a time of mass imperialism without the addition of more amorphous timelines and concepts? From an art historical perspective (as well as poc) I’m super fascinated by how we’re categorizing a theorized “fantasy” past and what is and isn’t part of an imagined designation to this alternate history we are trying to deconstruct.

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Steampunk Princess Peach

Artists: Skirtz (model) & Kindra Nikole (photographer)

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Steampunk kraken dress

Who wants to be an octopus with me? :D

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Steamy, punky, gorgeous girl.

Her leg is made of cherrywood. Her bod is made of amazing.

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Civilization V Steampunk Expansion!


Empires of the Smoky Skies

Build flying airships and huge landship steam tanks from the unique tech tree of this Victorian science-fiction scenario, and use them to spread your empire across the pre-industrial world. The scenario starts at the beginning of the Industrial Era, and requires the player to hold 3 of 5 Honourable Titles awarded by the League of Empires for five consecutive turns.

  • Five civilizations: Eruch (Cyrus Rotheram), Vedria (Luther Griggs), Orlin (Ignace Curlin), Pulias (Octavius Cutler) and Dalmace (Clinton Alderdice).
  • Custom buildings, new resources, new units
  • Steam Era and Airship Era

Victory Conditions: Empires compete in five categories; be the best in a domain to earn an Honourable Title. To see the specifics of each Title, and monitor your progress, check the League of Empires screen. The first empire to hold three or more Titles will control the League and win the game.

  • Defender of Progress: have the most land and airships
  • Grand Philanthropist: have the most world and national wonders
  • Captain of Industry: have the highest production
  • Lord of Refinement: have the most social policies 
  • Master of Wealth: have the highest total gross gold income

Special Rules: Players begin with all technologies up through Steam Power. The tech tree after Steam Power has been altered significantly, giving players the ability to construct Airships, Landships, and new buildings. Barbarians (“Luddites”) are enabled, but do not have access to advanced units. Social Policies have been rearranged. Religion has been disabled, as have religious and military city-states.

Early impressions!

The steampunk scenario is played quite differently from vanilla Civilization V. While in the original game, your ideal play style is to focus on one aspect: science, culture, gold/diplomacy, or military, usually with a ‘secondary’ one to accompany it (military+science, cutlure+gold, etc.), here you want to build up everything, equally if possible. From my first playthrough, production is the most important. Build it up to get your “Captain of Industry”, and you’ll have the production points to rush world wonders, units, wealth, or research.

The airships also add a very new element to the combat of the game, as nothing except the helicopter from vanilla is even slightly similar to it. If you favour a militaristic victory, it might take some getting used to as these are all new units and even a new unit type (then again, there are ton of new units in the Gods & Kings expansion for regular gameplay, so this applies to any militant player).

It’s very fun, and it had a nice song playing during it that reminds me of the Jaws theme. :p

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