Have you guys been following The Story, the ModCloth blog? This week, we’ve started talking about our aim to democratize fashion for all women, regardless of their dress size. My favorite quote has to be It’s not just about carrying more items in any one size; it’s about changing the way the plus size business runs.” Jump over to the blog for more of what we have been working on and join the conversation!

<3 Kelly, ModStylist

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Hilda Illustrations by Duane Bryers c. 1960’s- 1970’s

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My favorite looks from the new Urban Mermaids collection by Domino Dollhouse. Hngngngngnnn.

*faints from love*

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Making dinner at 3:20 AM, and yes, I do bring my laptop with me to the kitchen. What if somebody posts something to tumblr and I am not there to reblog it instantly? (I kid, I just had a recipe on my screen and couldn’t find a pen.)

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