Blurry photo because the tumblr app only wants to upload screenshots, but I got myself Hobbit moleskines for Christmas. They have Smaug on them. :) My husband got himself the beginner’s box for Pathfinder. I don’t like spending the money, but it’s Christmas and there were decent sales and we had to buy other people gifts anyway, so I’m just not thinking on it too much. At least I have good notebooks for my new novel idea to be doodled and noted…

December  5   ( 1 )   +

No cavities and my wisdom teeth don’t need to come out because I never got my twelve year molars. Yay! My gums are shit, but whatever, I’ll start using mouth wash and call it a successful trip to the dentist. (She’s like ‘see you in six months!’ and I just kind of laughed awkwardly because hahahano.)

4:00 am is such a difficult time because it’s too early for you to just slip into the living room and pretend you just woke up but it’s too late to get enough sleep to be worthwhile like I want to be up to see the morning news and catch the SCOTUS’ decision on Prop 8 plus I gotta add some chicken to a brine for dinner so uuuuggggggggh impromptu tea party, I think.

June  26   ( 3 )   +

My mum offered to buy me an outfit from Lane Bryant while we were out shopping for an immersion blender and I fulfilled my life dream of getting a snake print skirt. The sweater is really nice too, super soft, and who can complain about the bright green? The tights are knit, which is lovely, and I got new panties because why not.

April  22   ( 4 )   +

My brother is making an unexpected trip back home, so I might not be on much today since I’m cooking him a nice meal. Making an appetizer platter for dinner and I might toss together a dessert depending on how I feel.

I need to ts ‘empty chairs at empty tables’ to be honest every time I see/hear it I just get emotionally devastated.

I feel like creating an unnecessary archive of every film I have ever watched for personal reference, which may include having to re-watch like a hundred films that I am unsure whether or not I have seen. I don’t know why, but I feel like I could use a handy guide for this shit. Maybe a table that can be organized alphabetically, by date, and by country of origin. Possibly with a green/yellow/red background scheme for general consensus.

February  7   ( 2 )   +

My back hurts and my sleep schedule’s out of whack and I just spent the past five hours watching Legally Blonde and But I’m A Cheerleader! and Mean Girls. I’m like a gallon of ice cream away from a stereotype, but I’m kind of craving some Hagen-Dasz and I have to do a bunch of peer grading assignments today and am past the point of caring.

edit: Found out Cheetah Girls is on Netflix.

February  5   ( 1 )   +

Doing some work on Coursera to fill the time until I can return to Canada.

Link to my profile in the title. If we’re in any of the same course, message me and we’ll chat about them. Skype over our homework questions and discuss the readings, or whatever.

January  21   ( 1 )   +

the husband is leaving on monday morning, since he can’t stay here for more than a couple of months at a time. don’t mind me if i just throw myself into a writing project or something to ignore the separation. tumblog may devolve into text posts about characters or something with only occasional fandom reblogs. helps me not think about it. unfollow now if you give no fucks about my writing or politics or linguistics.

January  4   ( 1 )   +