Legend of Korra, the Season 1 Finale [Review]

Avatar: Legend of Korra tells the story of the next Avatar, a water tribe girl by the name of Korra, as she fights a nonbending underground revolution called the Equalists, learns the powers of the Avatar line, and deals with typical teenage drama. I haven’t liked this show as much as I liked the first series, for a number of reasons, but I have still liked it. Today, though, we’ll be discussing the two part season finale. There will be spoilers.


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How Book One: Air should have ended.

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deus ex machina? 

more like deus ex mako-na

No: this is a glorious pun and appropriate I shall reblog it.

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Dear General Iroh II

Fandom: Hey we just met you.
Fandom: And this is crazy.
Fandom: But meet Asami.
Fandom: And date her maybe?
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Seems like when I’m super bored I end up doodling lovechildren shit dhgjdf FORGIVE MEEEEE FANDOM……..MY TABLET PEN SLIPPED??

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air. earth. fire. cabbage. long ago the four nations lived together in harmony. then everything changed when the cabbage men attacked. only the avatar, master of all three elements and vegetable could stop them. but when the world needed him the most, he turned into a carrot

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World Avatars/Ancient Avatars. Africa, Middle East, East Asia, and South America.

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