Les Miserables: Genderbent

Jeanette Valjean and Javert.

These two kinda suffered cause halfway through Jeanette, I wasn’t really feeling like drawing anymore…

Since I am a huge Norm Lewis fan, I did keep Javert black. Idk, I just like Javert as a POC. Plus, I kinda love how Lady Javert looks here. 

Jeanette, eh. I wanted to try and keep jean Valjeans general look within her outfit and I don’t think I got what I wanted. Oh well.

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i don’t think i’ve ever drawn any genderbent valvert before

this was something i needed to rectify

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It is either Valjean or Javert!

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I support Hugh Jackman playing Jean Valjean, in spite of him being a baritone. I think he’s a great actor and a great singer, and he can play the part. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he could sing it in tenor. Russell Crowe as Javert, on the other hand, is giving me pause. A bit of googling revealed that he does, in fact, sing… but well enough to be Javert? I’m not so sure.

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I am totally cool with Hugh Jackman playing Jean Valjean. No, he isn’t a tenor, but they want a big name actor attached to it, and he’s the only good choice - or would you rather Gerard Butler again?

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