So the students at Lycée Victor Hugo are building barricades outside their school this morning. [x]

But why?

Just in case you’re still wondering - high school students in Paris are protesting about foreign students being deported!

A fifteen year old Roma girl called Leonarda Dibrani and her family were deported to Kosovo earlier in the month, which has sparked demonstrations all over Paris. Basically, people are angry about the anti-immigration rhetoric of some in the interior ministry (cough Manuel Valls cough) and the case of Leonarda, along with that of another student who was deported to Armenia, has pushed things over the edge.


Hell yeah, then. Get shit done! Thanks for the explanation, I hadn’t seen anything about it yet.

There’s a poetric justice to it going down at a school named for Victor Hugo

students, to the barricades!

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Undocumented transgender immigrants in the United States are among the most vulnerable to discrimination and violence in employment, housing, healthcare, and opportunities for citizenship under current U.S. immigration law, according to a new report being released Friday by the National Center for Transgender Equality.

“It is more difficult to be an immigrant who is a trans person,” Johanna Vasquez, 32, told BuzzFeed, speaking through a translator. “They treat you differently when you are detained.”

Vasquez fled El Salvador at age 16, after she was beaten and raped by community members who tormented her for being transgender. She missed the one-year asylum filing deadline. After 12 years, she was detained by authorities and placed in a detention facility where she was beaten and sexually assaulted.

Without legal defense, she was deported back to El Salvador in 2009, then returned to the U.S. where she spent seven months in a detention facility, before she was deported again. After returning to the U.S., she obtained the help of a public defender, who obtained a withholding of her removal.

“You are put in a cell where you are by yourself and experience a lot of violence that straight people or cis[gender] people do not experience, but you experience when you are a trans woman,” she said of her time in detention.

Just days after House Democrats released new comprehensive immigration reform legislation, advocates at NCTE and dozens of partnering labor and immigration rights organizations involved in the report are calling on lawmakers to pass “common sense” reforms that they say would ensure the safety and security of an estimated 10,000 to 50,000 transgender immigrant adults living in the U.S. as non-citizens.

Undocumented transgender immigrants, many of whom have fled their countries to escape anti-LGBT violence and persecution, are sometimes at greater risk of danger and inequality living in what advocates call a “double minority status,” which creates barriers to their success in the United States, they said.

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"A fisherman who rescued 47 people after a migrant boat sank off the coast of Lampedusa, Italy, says coastguards stopped him saving more people. He claims rescue workers refused to take people from his full boat so he rescue more, because it was against their protocol. More than 300 people are thought to have died in the disaster"

Lampedusa boat sinking: fishermen ‘prevented’ from rescuing migrants - video | World news | theguardian.com

See previous posts about the ongoing tragedy in Lampedusa, Italy:

And here a post about the “corporate practices” (i.e. protocols) that rule the administration of migrant lives in Europe. These “protocols” place corporate “efficiency” above human life.

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White privilege is being a white illegal undocumented immigrant and never being told you’re ruining this country and taking everyone’s jobs.

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A Record-High Number of Young People Are Still Living With Their Parents: Why






ugh i am so fucking done with this kind of journalism.  anyone who can’t explain this in two minutes shouldn’t be allowed to open their mouth about “millenials”; should not get columns devoted to their opinions or ideas or fauxstalgic soap-boxing.    i am so fucking done with the upper class shaming recent college grads for doing whatever they can to save whatever they can, like it’s a horrific embarrassment to cohabit with relatives.  

happy labor day.

oh no COHABITING WITH RELATIVES, the horror!!!


in my case, my dad lost his fucking job. that reality applies to many of us - I’m living at home because my income helps my goddamned family stay afloat since the recession fucked up our lives, but hey, that doesn’t fit into this predetermined lazy-ass narrative about millenials so let’s not talk about that!

(and when my dad is employed again, I’m going to continue living at home for a while so we can recover financially, because economic stability is a wee bit more important to me than establishing my own household for literally no pressing reason other than “a lot of clueless people think it’s weird that I live at home.”)


dare i also say this is totally a white people thing?  and an upper middle class thing?  and a born-in-the-US thing?

all the immigrants i know (from various countries and cultures) think the US attitude towards financial independence at 18 is stupid and bizarre.  family is family.  your parents raise you, you give back.  you’re never really on your own.   there’s no EXPECTATION of abandonment, you still have responsibilities towards your elders.   same goes for lots of religious and native minority communities i’ve encountered

you live at home for child care, you live at home to save for a down payment, you live at home to share vehicles, you live at home to help elderly relatives, you live at home for your siblings or your pets or the location, or you live at home BECAUSE YOU LIKE IT

this fucking bullshit.

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FBI granted power to delay citizenship for Muslims, ACLU report says

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DOMA isn’t the end all but lets remember that now same gender immigrant partners can adjust their legal status through marriage. The decision has vast implications for undocumented queer people.

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Wild Spirit, which art moving everywhere: sonnetstockmar: Those guys may have been born in Chechnya but they...


Those guys may have been born in Chechnya but they grew up in the U.S.! 

a translated quote from Chechnyan President Ramzan Kadyrov:

“Any attempt to make the connection between Chechnya and Tsarnaevys if they are guilty, [is] in vain. They grew up in the United States, their attitudes and beliefs were formed there. It is necessary to seek the roots of evil in America. From terrorism to fight the whole world. We know better than anyone else. We wish recovery to all the victims and share the feelings of sorrow Americans. “

They grew up here! The problem isn’t immigration! Stop trying to appease the masses with “Oh yeah we don’t know how this ISLAM CHECHNYAN guy got in but we sure as hell won’t let it happen again!” bullshit! It’s bullshit! You’re spreading fear you’re spreading intolerance, you’re telling people it’s okay to be afraid of and look down on minorities and people with different religious beliefs! Immigration isn’t the answer they’re jumping to conclusions!

I feel like a cranky conspiracy theorist but fuck I am angry

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Long Distance Relationships



Everyone asks me about my “long distance relationship.” You see, my husband (and my partner for 8 years) lives in Texas. I, however, live in New York. I used to live in Texas, but had to move for graduate studies. We are both immigrants and have applied for green cards (he was lucky enough to receive sponsorship from his employer). Because we are both immigrants, our visas dictate where we can stay, what we can do. Until further notice, he will continue to live in Texas and I will continue to live in New York.

Everyone asks me about my “long distance relationship.” How do I do it? Don’t I miss him? They don’t get it. They say they would never be able to do it and hint that they doubt the authenticity of our relationship.

But here’s the thing they don’t understand. We’re immigrants. We have “long-distance” relationships with everyone. Even our own selves.

My first “long-distance” relationship began a decade ago when I left India to come to the United States. I had lived in the same house as my parents for seventeen years and now all of a sudden, my relationship with my parents was “long-distance.” My relationship with my sister, all of my friends also became “long-distance.”

Of course, I made new friends in Texas. And then, like immigrants do, I moved. They moved. More long-distance relationships. It’s even hard to find love in these scenarios. What do you do if you move? If the other person moves? You can’t move. Your visa says you cannot move. You hope that your heart will fall for a citizen, but when it is someone else with a visa just like yours, you know you’re screwed.

Then there is the long-distance relationship I have with the part of me I left back in India. The long-distance relationship I have with India, with this idea of “home” that never will be home.

Sometimes I feel like I have a long-distance relationship with everyone. I am an immigrant after all, and like someone once said, I carry the border within me in my heart. I am often neither of here nor there, so even when I’m with someone, I might be far far away.

I try not to pity myself. I am one of the lucky ones. My partner and I might get green cards. We’re doing ok financially. We will move around a little more and then figure out a way to be together. It’s inevitable. We will be together.

But, think of the mother who crosses the border or the ocean leaving behind her two-year-old knowing that she might never see her again, but then maybe manages to bring her anyway ten, fifteen years later. Long-distance love.

Think of the woman who sponsors her parents and waits in line for years, hoping that one day she would be able to take care of them in their old ages as they did when she was young. Long-distance love.

Think of the man who sponsors his wife across the world and waits for their number to come, maintaining their love through skype chats and endless phone cards. Long-distance love.

And let’s not forget those who cannot use their marriage or their love or their relationships to apply for visas or green cards. Think of the woman who loves another woman and, for whom, Immigration has no answer, no matter how delayed.

We’re immigrants. After a while, we get used to that endless longing in our hearts - for another world, for a home, for that loved one. We wait. And our love is resilient.

This is beautiful!

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