Title: This Feeling That Remains
Pairing: Dis/Canonical Wife
SummaryBala moved to the Blue Mountains when she was a hundred, and very quickly fell beard-over-boots in love with the princess of Erebor—and was thoroughly shocked when the feeling appeared to be mutual.


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Title: Golden Beauty
Pairing: Dis/Bala (OFC)
SummaryDís and her wife braid their beards in preparation for a formal ceremony, along with cute baby Fili.

First of my Femslash February prompts! This one is from ophiucha, who asked for beard braiding. Hope to have a few more (and, um, maybe the main fic…?) up in the next few days. :)

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Tainted and Hated


anon asked: Lavender/Parvati, Lavender becomes a werewolf!

i made it into an established relationship, to work with the way i wanted this to go… hope you don’t mind!! ;D

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Her hand is cold, Parvati notes as she holds it between her own two hands, gently rubbing soothing circles with her thumb across her friend’s pale skin. It’s not ice cold, however, nothing dangerous, otherwise Madame Pomfrey would have been over by now. 

'Wake up, Lavender.' She mutters, squeezing the hand of her best friend once more, hoping it warms up, hoping she wakes up. She needs to wake up. Parvati knows that if Lavender wakes up, she’s going to have to deal with the news of telling her… telling her she’s a werewolf, but she’d take that any day. She’d rather tell her friend she was a werewolf, than never see her wake up. 

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femslash february challenge, a science fiction pairing

"Do you think about me when I’m gone?" Avice asked.

Ehrsul did think about her, if one could classify her turingware as a mind and her processing as thoughts. She thought about the decay of Embassytown and the addiction of the Hosts and the part Avice played as their similie.

Her internal calendar marked the minutes her friend, a title she wouldn’t use herself but accepted when Avice bestowed it upon her, was in danger, the moments her thoughts were used by the creatures with two mouths that could not speak. Ariekei and the autom who could never connect, but both tied to this human woman.

The parts of her memory that stored their stolen kisses were accessed and replayed in her mind before she rebooted for her system updates. Kisses against her display shaped into the face Avice was most fond of - she’d kept this face longer than most, used it more often than any other.

Ehrsul calculated the distance between them as Embassytown was torn apart. She pondered over their odds as Avice’s marriage fell apart, like the relationships that came before him. After him.

She thinks about Avice while she’s gone, more than is beneficial to her functionality and in ways and in numbers that Avice couldn’t comprehend. That could be her answer, in a voice toned to sound sarcastic and calculated, but those words didn’t convey the artificial feelings added by a chip in her turingware.

So instead, she answered:

"Does it matter?"

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Cool Walls, Warm Thighs by thusspakekate


Hermione x Pansy, Draco x Harry
[M, wordcount 11614, Ao3, oneshot]
Hermione isn’t pleased to learn that Harry and Draco have a new house guest. There is just something about Pansy Parkinson that drives Hermione crazy.

genre: post Hogwarts, UST, romance, domestic Drarry
warnings: minor sexual content

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