femslash february challenge, an unpopular ship

molly prewett loved to bake. cookies, cakes, and cherry pies - sweets with a precision behind them. too much butter would crumble a dough, too warm a knead would make for a soggy crust. sure, nobody had ever been cured of dragon pox by eating a treacle tart, but her magic in the kitchen was as technical as bellatrix’s in the potions lab.

and both locations saw quite a bit of magic of another sort from the two pureblood girls, fumbling kisses in the darkest hours of the night.

molly thought herself in love, perhaps bella would have come to say the same if he hadn’t shown up. the prewetts and the blacks both heard the whispers of a dark lord, a group of pureblood elites called the death eaters, long before the raids began.

they went their separate ways when bellatrix was marked. they parted on a tearful kiss, gripping each other’s clothes tightly and wishing they would come to the other’s side of the war that was soon to come. they never did, and they went twenty-nine years without seeing each other again.

their reunion, needless to say, did not turn out to be their happy ending.

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