There’s so many good Disney villain reimagining artwork floating around 

but then people insist on skinny Ursula and White Scar 

And I just make that same face babies make when you feed them a lemon for the first time

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My talented and gorgeous baby cousin just got cast to play Belle in her high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast and I am INSANELY proud of her and so I’ve been doodling Filipina Belle’s here and there.

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ohmygod disneyland tweeted me. 

this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. In my entire life. Ever. 

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Bloom - medley by Pogo

(Ab Major)

All the best parts about Disney music in one beautiful song. And it’s in A-flat, a.k.a. the best key ever and it has Aurora’s beautiful opera thing. c:

huffs favoriiiiite

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It seems Disney has another leading woman of color coming our way and I could not be more excited. The film is 5 years from now, bummer I know, the film is going to be called MOANA (at least for now, titles do change in that period of time). Things to take note is the obvious Mary Blair influence in this concept art, and I am really digging it, I see some tiki idols in the foreground as well. Bleeding cool gave a description of what the film is going to be about.

"it’s an epic, or even mythic, adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of islands in the South Pacific.

The lead character, Moana Waialiki is the only daughter of a Chief in a long line of navigators. She’s really a bit of nerd, but a nerd about sea voyaging, and when her family need her help, she sets off on an epic journey. Some of the other characters are demi-gods and spirits drawn from real mythology.”

2018 is quite some time away from now, regardless I could see Disney using this film as a tie in the adventureland area’s of the park. Since I feel a big Polynesian vibe from this film. 

neat… first picture I’ve seen from the project

don’t fuck this up disney plz

oh this screen shot looks so beautiful - I love her carefree pose and her gorgeous mermaid pool

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when the crypt doors creak - a disney halloween fanmix

  1. eerie area music - the haunted mansion
  2. gravity falls theme (string version)
  3. this is halloween - the nightmare before christmas
  4. a night on bald mountain - fantasia
  5. poor unfortunate souls - the little mermaid
  6. the mob song - beauty and the beast
  7. the twilight zone tower of terror theme
  8. the headless horseman - the adventures of ichabod and mr. toad
  9. friends on the other side - the princess and the frog
  10. otherworldly music - the haunted mansion
  11. the horned king - the black cauldron
  12. cruella de vil - 101 dalmatians
  13. grim grinning ghosts (instrumental) - club 33
  14. who’s afraid of the big bad wolf - the three little pigs
  15. i put a spell on you - hocus pocus
  16. grim grinning ghosts - the haunted mansion


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I’m kind of excited for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival!

Watch this funny video (0:41) Disney released!


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My first painting for the year! Imagine if Disney made a film in a purely Impressionistic style? My head would explode! I was watching gooey love films this afternoon and was feeling all romantic so I decided to paint a young couple enjoying the sun-dappled shade on a terrace in a Parisian garden. My stylistic aim: the thick, impasto and vibrant painting style of Edouard Manet fused with my beloved Disney toon aesthetic. My friend Shane O’brien was the inspiration for the young man.

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