Seems like when I’m super bored I end up doodling lovechildren shit dhgjdf FORGIVE MEEEEE FANDOM……..MY TABLET PEN SLIPPED??

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Title: Clear Your Mind
Rating: Mature
Summary: Korra has lost her bending semi-permanently after a fight with Amon and the Equalists. The stress of it all makes it harder for her to meditate, and reaching the Spirit World is her only chance at restoring her power. Luckily, Bolin is there to help clear her head. Established relationship.
Dedications: To kanjo-girl, for Versicolor Week, who asked for sad sexy Borra. I’m not sure why she’d leave me with a prompt, since she could write something better herself, but here’s hoping I didn’t disappoint too much.

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Okay, rather very rushed, this was actually a scrap, but posting because I have to go away from my beautiful computer and my tablet for a night T.T Leaving in half an hour. No drawing for me. Might have to pick up that thing called a pencil again…

Anyway. Borra. Don’t worry, Makorra will come, it shall come indeed. I mean, I like both pairings, just Borra that bit extra ;D (And we need more Borra in the world)

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Literally took 15 minutes for this crap.

I need to work on my commissions now.

/runs away

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