WIP, trying to get back into inking. I need to figure out my scanner settings because it’s too harsh for my traditional pieces.

Done with Pigma Micron 005, and india ink for the eyes.

None of you understand how much I love this pokemon.

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air. earth. fire. cabbage. long ago the four nations lived together in harmony. then everything changed when the cabbage men attacked. only the avatar, master of all three elements and vegetable could stop them. but when the world needed him the most, he turned into a carrot

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I wish one day I will be as cool as this engee *A*

He is really cool, heck yes! >:D

Omg dat Engie!!

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So here are the final verison of the “posters”, I haven’t posted here I guess
I’ll do another post with the other part of the project, the silly comic and the toys

This was for my final graduate project. I got the maximum grade, I was so happy c’: Now I’m a former graphic designer cheers maaaaates!

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