headcanon that steve comes up with ridiculous nonsensical phrases and claims that theyre old-timey sayings just to fuck with people

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"Sirius with anxiety issues but not telling anybody because it will shatter his bad boy image and him having a panic attack/hyperventilating his ass off one night and James asks what he's doing and he's just like "practicing my breathing duh""

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do you ever just think about

queer people have existed in every single part of history

whatever part of history you like best, there were queer people in it

queer people making out in ancient egypt by the pyramids

queer people not fitting into the gender binary under empress wu during the tang dynasty

queer people getting really excited about rainbows in aztec tenochtitlan

queer people, motherfucker

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is fuller just walking around the studios with a box full of these or

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Attack the Block as a Pacific Rim prequel: the aliens were scouts sent through by the Kaiju Masters before they perfected The Breach. Stacker Pentecost was one of the younger brothers.


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Bill Maher is taken apart by Glenn Greenwald for trying to absolve the US from any responsibility for the mass slaughter and destruction in Muslim countries, blaming it on Islamic fundamentalism, as if the Afghanistan and Iraq wars never happened, as if the US wasn’t pushing for more war in Iran, as if it isn’t intervening in Somalia and Yemen.

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there needs to be more stuff with lesbians/bi girls for lesbians/bi girls as opposed to stuff with lesbian/bi girls for straight men.

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no matter how much money they make cassandra clare’s best-selling novels will still be based in part on ron/ginny incest fic you can’t run away from that 

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you know what would be cool? a show about, like, vigilante Victorian prostitutes hunting down Jack the Ripper.

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on a textual level, a female character can dress however she wants and shouldn’t be slut-shamed and hated for what she prefers to wear.

on a metatextual level, she might still have been designed with an intention to provide fanservice.

this means that criticising a design, as opposed to a character, is neither misogyny nor slut-shaming. being displeased about the way a character has been designed is not synonymous with hating her. 

have i made myself clear?

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