Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Frame Tray Puzzle by Whitman (via)

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::clutches heart, points at screen:: THAT. BRING ME THAT. The trailer for Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty. Thank you to nudiemuse for finding the link!

(Dear Infamous BlueJay: the red faerie’s outfit? Maybe for VMB? YES EVEN WITH THE TINY WINGS I WANTS IT I WANTS IT ::sighs with longing::)

EDIT: Oooh, it’s available on DVD! Yes, that goes right onto the Amazon wish list

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This is a rare version of Once Upon a Dream from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (at least, I’ve never heard it). This is such a gorgeous version, I’m not sure why it wasn’t used in some way. Bill Shirley and Mary Costa sing together as Prince Phillip and Aurora. 

Original video here

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