Saturn learns that if you devour your children, you gonna get castrated, 15th century

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this is from 1460 and they all have “that feel” faces

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High Femme: A History Lesson on the Original Pot Brownie and How to Make Them

It’s no secret that queers and cannabis go together like rainbows and unicorns. Let’s talk about…

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Ziwon Wang (2008-10)

“…Borrowing from a Korean national treasure, the bronze Maitreya Buddha figure (Buddha of the Future) from the 6th century Shilla Dynasty.” 

this is what POC steampunk should look like, none of that “add a corset to it” stuff; sure, this has got “glue a gear to it” but the significance of the image and the way it has been put together is especially interesting compared to most other “glue a gear on it” things

Should it be called Steampunk though, or Cyber Punk? What I mean to ask is the android figure as a Buddha figure feels more cyber punk to me than it does Steam (which generally feels rooted in the 19th century/ the Industrial Revolution), but the source of this image is the 6th century. 

Do the gears strike up more significance than the minimalistic android styling? If it looked like porcelain I could see it having a more 19th century flare. I guess what I’m really asking is — is part of the problem of Steam Punk its confines in a time of mass imperialism without the addition of more amorphous timelines and concepts? From an art historical perspective (as well as poc) I’m super fascinated by how we’re categorizing a theorized “fantasy” past and what is and isn’t part of an imagined designation to this alternate history we are trying to deconstruct.

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Hannibal Feeds Jack Crawford


This week’s blog is from José Andrés, Hannibal’s Food Consultant.

This was one of the most exciting episodes for me because it was the first time that Hannibal was going to prepare/cook a human and feed him to Jack. I immediately thought of what a menu from Hannibal would look like. You see, his mind operated very methodically, mathematically, organized… he is highly strategic - so the meal would have to be quite sophisticated yet simple. This is really how chefs have to think…

So I suggested a pork loin, such as Iberico, to try to recreate the actual size of a human and thought about pairing this dish with fruit - pork and fruit is a classic pairing - so I would use some roasted apples. This style of cuisine food is simple in being focused on the ingredients, but sophisticated enough to interest someone like Hannibal. This needed to be credible to the audience.


Still, I felt like a red “sweet” sauce with red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, currants), like Cumberland, was needed. Cumberland is the traditional English sauce - that also happens to be in the classic Auguste Escoffier book - and I thought that referencing the conventional names of recipes would give Hannibal an even greater credibility by being gastronomically savvy. 

imageThen came the dish presentation. It needed to be simple but somehow also provide a glamorous visual… How would Hannibal serve this dish to Jack? A silver tray maybe? Touches of chervil here and there? Roasted apples with caramelized crystal sugar around it? Yes… This is a great moment!  We need to do this!

Of course no meal is complete without a good wine. How do we show Hannibal as a wine connoisseur? Perhaps he could use a decanter to air his wine? Perhaps we select and show wines from unknown and “dark” places - Priorat wine from Catalonia would be under this category. Maybe, because this takes place in Baltimore, we showcase Virginia wines like the Blenheim Winery - you know, Dave Matthews’ winery? Vintages from the ’60s maybe to enunciate his age?

For sure I could keep going on ideas for this… but this would do for now…

Illustrations courtesy of Janice Poon

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Men’s Rights Activists

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I’ll take subtext - mainly because I do ship merlin/arthur. I have no intrest in seeing Merlin and Gawain embark on a gay adventure. So not what you want to hear but yeah that’s how I feel.




So basically, this person will take Merthur subtext (even though Arthur’s married to Queen Gwen and that’s that) over a very possible textually gay relationship between Gwaine and Merlin (that could TOTALLY take place) because they don’t actually care about representation, they just care about their queer-baiting ship. 

Tell me about how fantasizing and writing slash fanfiction about your white cis het guy ship is lgbtq activism again… 

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