If any of my followers happen to be smokers, might I ask if you hold your cig in your dominant hand?

Writing a story. Have a character smoking a cigarette while they are writing, and it occurred to me that perhaps people hold their cigarettes in their dominant hands. When I went to mime smoking, I used my right (dominant) hand, but then, I’ve never actually smoked, so I’m not sure if my instinct is necessarily the common one. Let me know!

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  1. kill-the-monsters-inside-me answered: i usually smoke with my dominate hand(right) but a lot of the time i notice i’m using my left hand too.
  2. steampunkscarecrow said: I know mine and Will’s roommate uses her dominant hand, but I dunno if that’s just her or if everyone does.
  3. roosterblue42 answered: Before I quit smoking, I did indeed mostly smoke with my dominant hand. However, when driving, it was just as natural to use my other hand!
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