eccoculi (n) “living echoes”, inorganic matter embued with stone to give it lifelike qualities

a.k.a. The first thing I have officially named in #soundworld! Yes, it has been nearly half a year since I first conceived of #soundworld and, finally, something is getting a name that doesn’t have an asterisk or octothorp in it. Let us make merry to commemorate this glorious occasion! This is also the first word of the translated language of #soundworld, so look forward to some conlanging in the future.

Eccoculi have been discussed here before. Nicknamed the “song sewn”, the eccoculi are creatures of stone and metal that echo a song that gives them life. The practical applications range from golems to a classic Galatea tale. The most important attribute of the eccoculi is their silence. Because they must echo the song that keeps them alive, the eccoculi cannot speak or even breathe. They can still communicate. Instrumental and written languages are widespread in #soundworld.

But they are considered worse than even the mute in some societies. The mute still breathe, they can often still whistle or hum, many can even make a wide variety of sounds, simply not enough to speak the local language. The only way for the eccoculi to ‘speak’ is through tools and primitive stomping and clapping, both of which are frowned upon in many of #soundworld’s societies. Nonetheless, if they echo the right song, they can be just as human as you or I. Or they could be very inhuman.

Eccoculi are popular with musicians in warfare. A hundred thousand silent soldiers who can just be given another song to echo when they fall? Can’t deny that it’s handy. Some experiment. They create eccoculi in the form of the lesser creatures of the world, like the #soundworld counterpart elks. Sometimes as pets, sometimes to see how nature reacts. One man even created an eccoculi in the form of a tree.

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