inspiration for #cmr vessels → viking ships, haida boats, egyptian riverboats, ancient abstract sculptures of birds, archimedes, da vinci

Reblogging for some miscellaneous brainstorming. Designing ships is hard, guys. Give the #cmr cultural influences, I think the aesthetics of the ship are vital. I’m drawing influence from Haida boats (mostly as I know more about Haida culture than any other indigenous, coastal group) and Viking ships for those bits. I love the idea of a creature’s head for the head of the ship, and the designs on the… hull?, is that what it’s called?… well, the ‘body’ of the vessel.

That said, I am using all three of these because they need ships of all sizes for their lifestyle, and when it comes to sails and such, that’s going to be important. Though the prettier features may be based more on the Haida and the Vikings, I think the main boats themselves may draw a stronger influence from the Egyptian riverboats, pictured in the bottom left and right images. The wide sail appeals to me, for some reason, and I think the similarities between those and the Viking ships in terms of design give me a lot of room for a connection between the vessels of the river and the vessels of the sea.

Now, the aircrafts are the tricky ones, because air travel is relatively new in this world. Again, looking at the riverboats, I am attracted to switching out that sail for a hydrogen balloon and being done with it, but I think personal aircrafts would appeal for military endeavours. The #cmr people like distance. They were the first to invent the bow, and they took the gun and made it a sniper. I imagine something insect-like, where they could grapple on to a skyscraper or a sky island and take shots from afar, maybe even camouflaged, before returning to a ‘hub’ ship, perhaps.

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